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It must have been June during this last moment of Carolina air, ripened by whiffs of straw, damp from afternoon moisture. Evenings so sweet They drip down the back of my arm in colors of peach juice. I’ll capture it like a creature, obsess in phases. Press its delicate memory into cardstock, wings spread in dissonance, its beauty preserved as cold as a marble bust. Or maybe, I’ll hold it under the weight of my palm, guide it into a tall mason jar, so I can unscrew the life s

We are in a fragment

We are in a fragment and this might be boring. Might be so much sadness in one place that the emptiness tightens the chest knocking against ribs until they're tough. Might be that we are small and miracles come in phases, bright flashes so fast that we miss it altogether. Might be God. Our punishment and cure, Are you there are you there? Might be hard to think of after. A semi-circle of waking, sleeping, moving soft and fuzzy in a dream. Each day a familiar plateau.

Prompt 43 - Say It New - One Syllable Romance

It knocked on the wood dock, soft and quick like a lost bone. She saw it bob to and fro in the lake tide and trace the pier leg as it came towards her. The glass flask was full of some of the lake by now, as well as a scrap. A note, she did hope, a friend. She watched it move back and forth, up and down, to the beat of the lake. With each bob, it seemed it would go under and be lost to her if she did not move fast.

M.S. Engineering Physics Graduate student awarded N.C. Space Grant

For North Carolina Space Grant Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, Lia Phillips, pursuing the answers to previously unanswered questions of physics motivates her diligent research. Admittedly, Phillips acknowledges that the unknowns can occasionally be overwhelming, but she believes the process of discovery is what interests her the most about research, keeping her excited during long bouts of analysis. Phillips, a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in engineering physics, is one of two Appa